Damascus Petty

The petty knife is the versatile kitchen knife, suitable for both hand cuts and precision cuts on the cutting board for meat, fish, and vegetables. With a 12 cm long blade, it is also perfect for chopping and peeling fruits and vegetables.

Hand-forged and hand-sharpened in our workshop with a Coreless Damascus stainless steel blade (VG10/VG2) - over 70 layers - and an ebony wood handle with yellow details, this model is more than just a knife; it's culinary art.

Its design, a blend of form and function, adds a touch of elegance to every preparation.

Blade length: 11.5 cm

Blade width: 2.7 cm

Overall length: 23 cm

Weight: 90 g

Steel: Coreless Damascus steel

Hardness: 61 HRC

€ 300
Vat included

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